• AFMÆLISVIÐBURÐUR SÓLA :: Baptiste Námskeið með Alice Riccardi

    AFMÆLISVIÐBURÐUR SÓLA :: Baptiste Námskeið með Alice Riccardi

    20. apríl, 2018
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    Dagsetning og tími
    20/04/2018 - 22/04/2018
    6:00 e.h. - 5:00 e.h.



    Baptiste Power Yoga, developed more than 35 years ago, was created by Baron Baptiste as an
    antidote to the antiquities of the traditional yoga approach. The Baptiste Methodology works with
    the simple practice of asana, meditation and self inquiry as a platform for transformation and
    change on every level – physical, mental and spiritual.

    This 3 day workshop will introduce the student to the Journey into Power yoga asana sequence, as
    well as the simple practice of meditation and self inquiry. The Baptiste self inquiry process is based
    on what is known as the Socratic Method: “The Socratic method or debate, is a form of
    cooperative argumentative dialogue between individuals, based on asking and answering
    questions to stimulate critical thinking and to draw out ideas and underlying presumptions”.

    Alice Riccardi is a 500 Hour Certified Baptiste Power Yoga teacher and a 500 Hour Yoga Alliance ERYT.
    She has practiced yoga for 17 years and has been teaching Baptiste Power Yoga for 15 years.
    Alice, along with her husband Charles Terhune, opened the very first heated Baptiste Power Yoga
    studio in Portland Maine in 2006. She has been training teachers for over 10 years and has both
    developed and led 200 hour YA teacher trainings.

    Assistant teacher at the Workshop: Inga Hrönn Kristjánsdóttir, Baptiste yoga teacher at Sólir.

    Föstudagur 20. apríl
    18.00-20.00 Baptiste practice. Mediation. Check in. Journaling and Discussion.
    Laugardagur 21. apríl
    9:30-12:00 Baptiste practice. Baptiste Principles of Alignment.
    13:30-17:00 Baptiste Practice. Baptiste Energetics and Intro to Self Inquiry.
    Sunnudagur 22. apríl
    9:30-12:00 Baptiste practice. More inquiry and intro to teaching skills.
    13:30-17:00 Short practice and either or both practice teaching and understanding how to create
    intention as an access to a whole new way of being.
    WHAT TO BRING: Towel, snack/lunch, journal/pen.


    -Hvar: Sólir jóga- og heilsusetur, Granda.
    -Hvenær: Helgin 20.-22. apríl 2018.
    – Hvernig: Skráning í Sólum, s. 571 4444.
    – Verð kr. 31.900 (kr. 29.900 f. meðlimi
    Sóla) – GREITT við skráningu